WONE’s Synonym


Orta San Giulio 24.12.2016

I define art, that can be in any forms, any appearance, any meanings, any feelings, any cultures. It is about the way of living in a culture with love and variety of creative creatures. We alert with things and events that happening and changing around in our society and our world. We impressed with all the amazing art that people brings into life. And we are one of the creators just like you that might creates in a way that slightly different than others. That appeared to be our art in a kind.

The World

To explore the masterpieces around us in the urban cities keeps us creative and observe. To figure out how the world connected and works in all kinds of art works.

How does it feel to live in Art

img_5799The passion and love towards the relationships within people, the ultimate complication of the living space, the erudition and enlightenment of humanities, the beauty of the appearances, and more. Complexation that all matters to make us alive.

To survive in the reality that we dream of and we made of.

A line art profile.

An art explorer.

A dreamer.

a mother.

Yvette Rae